Finding A great Pediatric Dentist

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Your kids’ dentist experience is an important one and the first one can set the precedent for the rest of their dentist visits for their life! Dentists who are not just specially trained to handle children but truly know how to implement their training and far and few between, so it is important to find the one and keep them close. Find a dentist that bonds with your young child and keeps them feeling comfortable every single time they come back to their office. Ways to find a great pediatric dentist: Find a pediatric dentist! Anecdotal [...]

New Pediatric Dentistry Offering Painless Visits for Kids

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Sometimes you just need the sedation process to help your kids relax in a dentist chair and other times, the procedure simply calls for the child to be sedated. Either way, it is an effective way to help your child through a dental procedure. This is a fantastic procedure for children with special needs or children who have severe anxiety when it comes to dentists’ offices. Our staff provides children with the most tender care and love, our team offers different levels of and types of sedation methods that help ease your child’s nerves. Sedation for Anxious [...]

10 Ways To Simplify Pediatric Dentistry

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Anxiety-related to a dental visit is typically high, but these feelings can be even more intense for a minor sitting in the dental chair. Treating a child with dental anxiety presents a completely different set of problems compared to treating an adult patient. Establishing comfort and routine during a child's dental visit can have lifelong effects, so here are some tips for ways to simplify your job as a pediatric dentist, hygienist, or another dental care worker. Overview of Information One of the most important ways to make children more comfortable with any dental procedure- from routine [...]

Minimal Invasive Surgery Emerging

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Dentistry is still pretty new, especially pediatric dentistry. It was just in 1914 that one doctor began hiring newly graduated students to perform dentist procedures the American Dental Association was officially established in the 1940s and finally, 20-years later, professionals started creating programs focused on children. Some of the most recent advancements, within the last 30 years or so, are the following: Dental sealants Children toothbrushes Dental lasers for children Children toothpaste Preventive care and education (for all young children in all schools) The field of pediatric dentistry has made such leaps with technology and the [...]

What Are the Causes of Cavities?

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Honestly, seeing that humans 15,000 years ago, more or less, had holes in their teeth debunks the theory that candy is rotting our teeth; well, candy very well is rotting our teeth, but it isn’t the only culprit! Your everyday staples are causing your tooth to decay every single time they’re left on your tooth’s surface. Along with regular food, sugary drinks, snacks, and not cleaning your teeth properly are a disastrous combination. According to Mayo Clinic, tooth decay is the most common health issue that 7 billion people on this planet share. They’re more common in children than any [...]

5 Tips for Avoiding Pediatric Dental Phobias

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Dentists Can Be Scary Understandably, some children are not fans of the dentist and they should never get into trouble for expressing their discomfort about the fact that they do not like the dentist. So, how do you avoid getting to this point in the first place? How should you make your child comfortable with the dentist? Below are 5 tips for you, your dentist, and your children! Start Them Early Just like riding a bike, being exposed to the ocean, petting dogs, or going to a parade, getting your child acclimated to different environments [...]