Honestly, seeing that humans 15,000 years ago, more or less, had holes in their teeth debunks the theory that candy is rotting our teeth; well, candy very well is rotting our teeth, but it isn’t the only culprit! Your everyday staples are causing your tooth to decay every single time they’re left on your tooth’s surface. Along with regular food, sugary drinks, snacks, and not cleaning your teeth properly are a disastrous combination. According to Mayo Clinic, tooth decay is the most common health issue that 7 billion people on this planet share. They’re more common in children than any other age group because they have, usually, not learned how to properly clean their teeth.

Don’t worry, there are identified causes that once you’re aware of can help you avoid serious dental issues:

  • Plaque… described as a clear film that coats your teeth after a heavy sugar night/day. When you forget to clean your teeth in the mornings, days, or nights, the bacteria on your teeth begin eating the sugar and form plaque. When the plaque turns into tartar, the situation becomes much more difficult to address with a simple brush because of tarter sticks to your teeth and blocks the bacteria from being cleaned off.
  • The plaque will kick you in the teeth… the acid in plaque will remove the minerals in your teeth. When your tooth/teeth begin to erode, little holes are formed and both bacteria and acid reach further into your tooth layers. Once the dentin has been reached you will experience extreme sensitivity.
  • It never ends… once the cavity has formed it is important to get to the dentist. Decay doesn’t stop and has the potential of reaching the bone.

Plaque is not a game, brush your teeth often and don’t play around with the health of your teeth. Risk factors to be aware of include the location of some teeth, like the ones in the back: certain foods are riskier than others: inadequate brushing: not enough fluoride: dry mouth: eating disorders.