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Smile Street Pediatric Dentistry offers Teeth Whitening options.
Knowing the differences between your oral care and your child’s oral care is an important step in tooth and gum health. A pediatric dentist has three years of specialized training solely handling children, so their specialty is providing excellent care for your children from infancy through their adolescent years. One of the most common chronic health conditions in children and adolescents in America is tooth decay, here at Pediatric Dentist Culver City we believe in taking preventive steps for long-term results. One of the preventive steps we believe in taking is pediatric teeth whitening. However, there are some concerns, many adolescents and parents do not understand the risks if the chemicals are not administered by professionals. There is nothing wrong with choosing to whiten your child’s set of teeth, however, choosing the right way to go about it can help prevent gum and teeth issues are they get older. Misusing these strong chemicals can cause harm to gum tissues, tooth nerves, and bother any filled teeth. All of these issues can be eliminated by having a professional pediatric dentist administer a teeth whitening procedure.
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Teeth Whitening Culver City

In a simple way, a pediatric dentist does all of the same things your family dentist would do; however, these procedures are adapted in ways to suit smaller mouths and much more sensitive gums. Pediatric dentists are trained in helping, assisting, and treating children with special needs all the way from infancy into adolescence. Your child’s dentist will be able to make recommendations to improve or maintain you’re their oral health based on their medical history, health needs, activity level, and dental needs. Even though your family dentist is more than capable of helping your child they will not be equipped in truly understanding their needs. The entire staff in a pediatric office is trained to service your child in any way that they can, including how they interact with your child, and that is so important. Your child should enjoy going to the dentist and we make sure that they do.

First Visit

We remove anxiety and create a fun environment for your child
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Your First Visit

What happens the first time you come in with your child? This visit is truly all about making your child comfortable while also getting all of the information necessary to treat them. Sometimes you can be asked to sit with your child in the exam chair to help it seem less threatening and other times you may sit in the waiting room, either one is possible.
During this exam, the dentist will check your child’s existing teeth for decay, check their bite, and take some x-rays to look for potential problems. For older children, each case will be evaluated individually and further discussion on preventive care and fixing issues will be discussed. Administering teeth whitening can be discussed with your pediatric dentist during your appointment.
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Recall Visits

Bringing your child in to meet their dentist should be done as soon as their first tooth appears but no later than their first birthday. Having them come in, even if they haven’t shown signs of teething by one year, is simply a precaution to ensure there aren’t any indicators of preventable issues. A checkup is recommended every six months;
however, each situation is different, and your dentist will be sure to give you the next date. Your child’s baby teeth are very important and should be cared for as they will be the ones paving the way for their adult teeth.
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Children’s Dentist In LA

A pediatric dentist will have practical advice and insight into the long-term tooth and gum health for your child. A dentist who has specialized in treating children will know how to discuss oral tendencies like thumb sucking and preventive measures to ensure no damage comes to the adult teeth. A pediatric dentist can help you and your child determine a cause or reason as to why his or her teeth are not as white as they should be: undiagnosed injury, vitamin deficiency, stains, trauma, decay, etc. Consulting a professional as to when and how your child’s teeth should be whitened is highly encouraged and each situation should be inspected individually. For more information on child teeth whitening, give us a call.
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As a resident of Los Angeles, Dr. Marissa takes pride in outreaching to the local community of Culver City.
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