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Introduction to Root Canals

Smile Street Pediatric Dentistry is here for your smile!
When you’re trying to explain to your child, especially a young child, that they require some serious dental help, or if you’re attempting to explain why their jaw hurts it is easier to say that the dentist will make it all feel better. The truth about a root canal, even for children, is that that a procedure needs to be done to remove the diseased pulp tissue that has been taking up space in your child’s mouth.
Here at Smile Street Dentistry, our main priority is your child’s long-term health and well-being. Our entire staff is trained in making your child feel safe and helping them enjoy their time with us, even if it is for a root canal. Your child is in good hands, with our pediatric team ready to jump into action, both you and child can relax.
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How Do You Prepare Your Child?

When you come in for the appointment before your child’s root canal your dentist will inform you about the proper pre and post procedures. Your child is going to feel some anxiety over the fact; however, it is okay for you to try to help your child understand that this is going to prevent further, prolonged, or intensified the pain. Some type of anesthesia or number will be provided for your child, it is important that your child not be surprised with any of the steps that will be taken when they arrive, so after the dentist reviews the steps, be sure to double-check with your child to ensure they understood everything that was explained to them. It is normal to feel apprehensive about any procedure and it is especially normal when you are a child who is unsure about the steps taken to take away any discomfort or pain they may be feeling.

During & After

What should you and your child expect?

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During Root Canal

Your child’s dentist is going to insert necessary tools into the root canal of the tooth to remove any pulp that has been causing pain, meaning, any infected tissue. Once the root canal has been thoroughly checked and cleaned with germ-killing tooth cleaners, the canal will be dried, and a filling will be put inside of your child’s tooth root. A temporary (or permanent for older children) crown will be applied to cover the child’s tooth. If anything, simply remind your child that during the entire procedure they will not be feeling anything.

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After Root Canal

There will be mild to painful discomfort depending on the child’s overall tolerance of pain. The good news about that is that it is completely normal and expected, even for adult patients. The dentist will prescribe pain medication or will be able to recommend over-the-counter pain relievers. It is important to ask for information about food and drink post root canal, but it is even more important to voice any hesitation or confusion on the instructions given. If you aren’t sure, ask for any special instructions on how to care for your child’s root canal or ask, if it was temporary, how long it will be there.

How to attempt prevention before the procedure!

Stop the problem before it starts
The best approach to any medical condition is to try to prevent the issue before it happens, and that goes for your child’s teeth as well. There is a common misconception that because young children have more teeth to lose and grow that their teeth don’t need to be brushed or taken care of thoroughly but that is not the case. A diet high in processed sugars, poor cleanings, and rare dental appointments can be the leading cause for a necessary dental procedure at an early age.
Simply put, it is important to try to keep your children’s teeth healthy with proper hygiene practices and regular dentist visits!
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