Oral Hygiene Tips You Need to Know

Everyone always wants the latest and greatest secret on the best and quickest way to ensure their smile is white and bright! But it is important to remember that oral hygiene is extremely important and can help prevent other serious illnesses like gum disease, infection of the bones or blood, heart disease, and so much more. Other than regular check-ups and honesty with your dentist, here are some dental hygiene tips that can help you ensure your mouth stays clean and the rest of you stays healthy:

Proper Brushing

It is that simple, when brushing your teeth position the brush at a 45-degree angle near the gum line. Brush the outer surfaces of your teeth doing a back and forth motion and the front of your teeth with an up and down motion. It is important to avoid gum bleeding and any trauma caused from harsh brushing.


This is often the easiest step to over-look in dental hygiene! Flossing removes leftover food and particles caught between your teeth. The food in these areas serve as the starting point for harmful bacterial growth that can lead to complications further down the road, like heart disease.

No tobacco

Doing this will save you from many dental bills! The chemicals found in tobacco products cause extreme tooth decay and discoloration. On top of the incredibly harmful effects the products have on your teeth, your health, and the chances of developing cancer are greatly increased.

Limit coffee and alcohol

Although these beverages my contain phosphorous, which is good for a healthy mouth, too much can deplete the body of proper calcium levels leading to serious tooth decay and gum disease. Beverages with additives can dull and discolor your teeth very quickly.

Visit the dentist regularly

Without visiting the dentist on a regular occasion how will you know the plaque building on your back teeth is not normal? How will you know that the plaque that is also on your teeth is normal? How will you know that the dull sensitivity you feel is the start of a tooth seriously decaying? You don’t and you won’t unless you visit the dentist before an small issue becomes a larger one.

Clean your tongue

Cleaning the surface of your tongue before you finish brushing your teeth is extremely important! This is an area that holds on to an incredible amount of bacteria that will make their way onto the surface of your teeth!