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Smile Street Pediatric Dentistry offers a variety of treatment options.
Children are more prone to tooth decay and cavities than adults thanks to a diet higher in sugar and less diligent brushing and flossing. Nearly half of children between 2 and 18 have at least one cavity at some point and tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood illness. Tooth decay begins with bacteria in the mouth that feed on sugar and creates acid that eats away at the tooth by destroying calcium. When an area of the tooth without calcium becomes too large, the surface collapses and a cavity has formed.
When caught early enough, cavities can be treated successfully with fillings. A filling restores a damaged tooth back to its original shape and function while stopping the decay in its tracks. Your local pediatric dentist can help you safeguard your child’s oral health with amalgam or composite fillings. We even offer sedation dentistry if your child is nervous about their appointment or requires multiple fillings for an easy, pain-free, and positive dental experience.
Fillings In Culver City

Fillings in Culver City, CA

Dental fillings are a common service that about half of all children go through at some point. The procedure is done in a single office visit and it’s completely painless.
After carefully removing decayed tooth material and cleaning the tooth, your pediatric dentist in Los Angeles, CA will fill the cavity with an amalgam or composite resin filling. The filling closes off the damaged area to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth while preventing further decay.

Types of Pediatric Fillings

There are two types of fillings used for children

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Amalgam Fillings

Dental amalgam is made from an alloy of silver, copper, mercury, and tin. Amalgam is the most affordable type of filling and this material is most often used for children because appearance isn’t as big of a concern for baby teeth that will fall out. Amalgam fillings are also very durable and last 13 years on average. The major downside is appearance: amalgam fillings are silver but discolor over time. They are usually used for cavities in the back of the mouth.


Composite Fillings

Composite resin fillings are made from ground white porcelain and resin. After the composite resin is applied to the tooth, a UV light cures the resin and bonds the material with the tooth. Composite fillings are more expensive than amalgam but they look just like natural teeth. This makes composite an ideal choice for teeth in the front of the mouth. With composite, less tooth material needs to be removed for a filling.

Preparing for a Filling

Making a positive visit to the dentist
If this will be your child’s first visit to their local pediatric dentist or their first filling, it’s normal to be anxious. Ahead of the appointment, we recommend that you frame the visit in positive terms and provide only basic information. For example, let your child know that the pediatric dentist will clean their teeth. Don’t use frightening words like “drill” or “pain” or tell them the visit is a punishment for not brushing their teeth. Allow your Culver City pediatric dentist to explain the procedure in terms that won’t be frightening for your child.
Our affordable childrens dentist in Los Angeles specializes in easing childrens’ fears of the dentist. Your child’s appointment for fillings will be as anxiety-free and enjoyable as possible with sedation dentistry options. To help your child stay relaxed during their appointment, we also have kids movies playing on flat screen TVs over our dental chairs.
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As a resident of Los Angeles, Dr. Marissa takes pride in outreaching to the local community of Culver City.
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