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Smile Street Extractions

An extraction may be necessary if your child’s tooth is severely decayed
Your pediatric dentist never wants to turn to tooth extractions but sometimes they are necessary. An extraction may be necessary if your child’s tooth is severely decayed, crowding other teeth, or simply damaged.
Having one or more of your child’s teeth extracted can sound frightening but the truth is tooth extraction is a very simple procedure. Our goal is making your child’s visit as enjoyable and stress-free as possible with extractions performed using sedation dentistry.
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Extractions in Culver City, CA

The best childrens dentist in Los Angeles makes it their goal to preserve natural teeth and keep them healthy. Still, there are times when baby tooth removal is recommended. No matter why a tooth is removed, the process is usually very routine. When done by an experienced pediatric dentist, extractions are nothing to be afraid of and are usually easier in children than adults.
Your dentist will start with a digital X-ray to check the roots and location and position of your child’s teeth. For older children and teenagers, a local anesthetic may be all that is necessary but younger children do best with some type of sedative. Sedation may be very light in the case of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” or your child can be put to sleep completely for the procedure. A special instrument called an elevator and forceps then used to loosen the tooth and free it from its socket.

When Is an Extraction Necessary?

Pediatric tooth extractions may be recommended in many cases

Decay or Damage

One of the most common reasons for an extraction by a pediatric dentist is severe decay or damage to the tooth from trauma or an injury. A tooth extraction may be recommended to preserve your child’s overall oral health and address teeth that can’t be restored with a filling or crown. If your child is experiencing symptoms like intense tooth pain or dental damage, you may need a children’s emergency dentist for an emergency extraction.

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Crowding or Orthodontics

Even healthy baby teeth extractions may be necessary in a few cases such as correcting a bad bite, addressing crowding, or removing a baby tooth that did not fall out as it should and is getting in the way of adult teeth. Sometimes removing a tooth is necessary to help your Santa Monica pediatric dentist straighten neighboring teeth and it may be done prior to orthodontic treatment.

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Take these steps before and after your appointment
Ahead of your appointment, we recommend avoiding any frightening language about the extraction, even if you have good intentions. Don’t use words like “drill” or “hurt” or go into much detail about the process. Your pediatric dentist in Culver City has years of experience working with children and can describe the process in language that won’t be confusing.
Immediately after the extraction, your pediatric dentist will cover the socket with gauze and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Tiny sutures may also be used. Your child will likely experience mild to moderate discomfort and/or swelling after the extraction but your dentist will recommend steps to take to alleviate this. Children’s ibuprofen can control most symptoms but your dentist may prescribe something else if your child requires extensive work. Ice packs on the outside of the jaw and soft foods for the first few days are recommended. Do not allow your child to spit or drink from a straw for the first day or two. This is to prevent suction that can cause the blood clot in the socket to dislodge. When brushing his or her teeth, avoid the treatment area while it heals.
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